About Us

We are proud to work with loyal and long-established clients - in many cases providing advice to different generations of the same family. The fact that the majority of new client introductions are 'word of mouth' recommendations from existing clients, is a testament to our emphasis on top quality service and treating our customers fairly.


All new clients benefit from a free initial consultation which, if more convenient, can take place at your home or workplace. We would also carry out basic research into your enquiry at no initial cost. For any further work that we do, we charge an 'adviser fee' - an amount that would be agreed with you beforehand - and clients have the option of paying this separately, or the fee can in many cases be paid directly from any product we might recommend.


There is a popular misconception that only wealthy people employ the services of a financial adviser but, from our many years experience, this is simply not the case.  It is true that many adviser firms are solely targeting wealthy individuals, and charge fees that reflect this. However, we firmly believe there will always be a place for a small, independent firm like ourselves, providing quality advice to the general public and at a cost we consider to be very reasonable when compared to other firms.